Manufacturing And Requirement Of Medical Gauze

Medical gauze is normal used medical dressing. Its production should be strictly according to International Pharmacopeia standard, using pure cotton yarn as raw material, and production process  of rinsing in rope form and chloide oxide bleach wash. Medical gauze shoud pass serious test and check before delivery, with soft feel, good water-absorbing, uniform weft density, pure white and odor free, acid & alkali free, safety in use.

To reduce pollutant from medical gauze proudction, gauze should go a series of working procedures, degreasing, dewaxing, sizing agent removal, steaming, washing, bleaching etc. To ensure the gauze quality reaches the national hygienic standard, it has to spend lots of water on washing.

During production process, “soda boiling” is a key section for removing sizing agent, grease and wax etc from greige cloth, which directly influences the medical gauze quality. At the meantime, the most pollutant comes from this section, which should be paid more attention to.

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