Medical Gloves Protect The Barrier

Medical gloves are a protective barrier to medical devices designed to prevent contamination between patients and medical staffs.How choose medical gloves to ensure the most effective hand protection and flexible safe medical surgery? It relies on different medical applications, carried out or medical purposes are achieved.Meanwhile, we need to learn more about the different types of glove performance to confirm which one is best suited to use. The first question: sterile or non-sterile?

Sterile gloves are designed for invasive operation or handling of open wounds, general surgery by surgeon.It is as follows, it must have a sterilization process by gloves.Sterile surgical gloves to carry the most popular sterile gloves Widely used in surgery. Non-sterile gloves are designed for general examination, and it does not require body fluids or open currents. It's direct contact

Called medical check gloves, non-sterile latex inspection gloves are the most popular one, it is widely used in traditional examinations, such as dental examinations, injections and so on.

The second question: pre-powder or no powder?

Latex medical gloves are the most popular disposable medical gloves present, and their elasticity is excellent in performance, flexibility and hand sensitivity.Meanwhile, latex gloves contain allegical reactions that cause a small number of patients, the glove powder protein is the medium that sends the protein. With this in mind, the polymer coating method or the double chlorination process is necessary for powdered gloves to come into the protein.Powder free latex gloves to minimize the harm is more and more popular type of medical latex gloves.It's both limited

Latex proteins and allergic reactions maintain the performance of medical latex gloves.

Further question: latex / nitrile / PVC glove, which one?

Please refer to another article on the medical glove features.As a medical glove manufacturer, we can provide products / services / technology for thoughtful, thank you for your time support!

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