Medical device industry related to pharmaceuticals, machinery, electronics, plastics and other industries, is a multidisciplinary, knowledge-intensive and capital-intensive high-tech industry. Basic characteristics of high-tech medical equipment is digitized and computerized, is multidisciplinary, interdisciplinary and modern high-tech crystal of its products with high technology content, high profit, thus the nation, large international companies competing vantage point, higher intervention thresholds. Even in overall gross margin lower, investment is not high industry will continue to have products with higher technology content, and breed some with strong profitability of enterprises. The industry trend is for high input, high yield.

Medical imaging equipment is an integral part of hospital medical equipment, and it is an important embodiment of comprehensive strength, not only provides an important guarantee for clinical diagnosis and treatment, and provides an important platform for clinical scientific research. As an integrated platform for imaging equipment, plays an important role in promoting development of the hospital.

With the development of medical and hospital equipment upgrades, in recent years, surging demand for diagnostic imaging equipment market in China, which promotes the development of medical diagnostic imaging equipment industry in our country, in the process of rapid development, enterprises continue to grow and form a competitive, domestic independent manufacturer of medical imaging equipment market share increase.

Nationwide basic medical and health institutions of medical devices, where 15% are all around in the 1970 of the 20th century, 60% is the in the mid 1980 of the 20th century product, they demand renewal process is a release process, ensuring the next 10 years or even a longer period of China medical device market is growing fast. Along with the deepening of reform and opening up, State support has intensified and accelerated process of global integration and rapid development of China's medical device industry is.

Medical devices as an important part of the pharmaceutical industry, for consumers, medical institution is second only to physicians is equipped with medical equipment configurations used to judging criteria for medical institutions. States for the medical device industry is also devoted a lot of efforts, but today, China's medical device industry in the field of high-end products, the competitiveness of local enterprises are still vulnerable.

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