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Well-known as one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of medical equipments, TIANHONG is equipped with a professional and productive factory. With many products in stock, we warmly welcome you to wholesale our medical equipments made in China at best price and check the quotation with us. Free sample and customized service are also available.


Xinxiang Tianhong Medical Equipment Co., Ltd. was founded in 1999. The company is located in Xinxiang City, Xichangyi, Zhaojing Town, Jia County, with a registered capital of 5 million yuan. Company covers an area of ​​8000㎡, building area of ​​3000㎡, aseptic clean area of ​​800㎡, warehouse of 300㎡.

The workshop area is 1,200 square meters, and the warehouse area is 1,000 square meters. There are currently more than 100 employees. In 2016 company, in order to further expand the market, an sterile production workshop has been added. The company has production equipment including: gauze slitting machine, gauze folding machine, gauze bandage machine. Medical mask making machine, medical mask strapping machine, electric sewing machine, medical pad machine, MedicalCap machine, blister packaging machine, vacuum packaging machine, hand pressure sealing machine, continuous sealing machine, Fully automatic baler, ethylene oxide steriliser (grey cloth rolling machine, cooking and bleaching machine, turning machine, Dryer) and so on. Additionally we have a special inspection equipment: electronic tensile machine, digital display whiteness meter, electronic analytical balance, three ultraviolet analysers, an electric thermostatic water bath, an electric blast drying oven, a box resistance furnace, Crucible, crucible forceps, biological microscope, stainless steel steam sterilizer, biochemical incubator, electric thermostatic incubator, gas chromatograph, biological safety cabinet, dust particle counter, wind speed Instrument, membrane filter, digital differential pressure gauge, etc.

And always conforming to the YY0331-2006 Standard, our product has obtained the trust of customers from Mainland China, and also widely exported to England, Germany, Spain and other 66 countries in the world. 

Our products include the following:

1.  Gauze raw material:

  • Jumbo gauze roll; Customized gauze pieces; Customized gauze pad; Customized gauze bandage. All of these products conform to medical grade.


2.  Medical gauze and non-woven products: 

  • Medical packs: Obstetric set, Sterile dressing packs, Dressing change packs. Absorbent cotton product: Cotton buds, Absorbent cotton pads, Absorbent balls; Medical gauze products: Gauze bags, Gauze bandages, Gauze pads,Gauze face masks, Gauze pieces. Non-woven products: Disposable surgical cloth, Disposable medical pad, Disposable face mask, Disposable medical cap, Disposable hospital bedsheets. High molecular polyer products: Examination gloves, Adhesive bandages,Surgical gloves.


3.  Products for daily use:

  • Sanitary pads for ladies: Sanitary pad, Diapers and pads for Adults,Paper diapers: Products for babies: Quilt, Cotton diaper, Bib, Cotton tissue, Triangular towel, Bath towel. Home care products: Paper napkin rolls, Disposable cotton quilt cover, Disposable cotton bedsheet, Disposable cotton towel, Prep pads and swabs, Kitchen towels,Face masks for babies.